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Urban Guerrilla Engineers is Master Music Engineer Danny leake

30 year veteran Studio, Live, and Mastering Engineer


He’s young enough to be totally versed in the new technology (Analogue & Digital Recording techniques, Digital Editing, Advanced Computerized Mixing techniques, MIDI sequencing, programming, etc.) but old enough to have been trained in the “Classic Recording Techniques” of the “Old Masters”.


He is well versed in ALL types of microphone and recording techniques. He’s worked on all of the major Analog and Digital systems being used in the field today. In Digital Recording, he’s had 25 years of “hard” experience having recorded the first Chicago Multi-Track Digital Recording using The 3M 32trk Digital System back in 1980. He is no stranger to Digital Audio Workstations having beta tested New England Digitals Synclavier in addition to owning several DAWs including a SADiE 96k/24bit Hard Disk Multi Track Mastering/Editing System, Protools, and Nuendo 2.2.


He has recorded everything from Hip Hop to Hard Rock, Country to Classical to Gospel and has several Engineering, Gold Record Awards, and Grammy nominations to his credit. Platinum Artists he has worked with include Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Sting, Hank Williams, Jr., Candelbox, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder, Dennis DeYoung, Ramsey Lewis, and New Edition among others.


"I believe in creating a fluid setup that is “transparent” to the making of the music…. Music should NEVER become a slave to the Technology.



Urban Guerrilla Engineers is also Danny Leake's CD Mastering Laboratory. Located near Downtown Chicago, Illinois, UGE is not a Factory, but a Boutique operation for people who are very particular about the presentation of their Art. Using both Vintage Analog and Modern Digital outboard processing gear with the SADiE 24/96 Mastering System, UGE promises Power, Clarity, and Commercial Level without destroying the Essence of your Music. UGE handles ALL Music styles. (Rock, Urban/Hip Hop, Gospel, Classical,  Cyber Punk Cowboy...you name it!)


Rates for all services are negotiable…...and not as expensive as you would believe.

Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Having been a Studio Engineer for 30 years, Danny also has 20 years experience as an accomplished live sound engineer. He has worked the “Front of the House” on tours like The Stevie Wonder “Natural Wonder” World Tour with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, “Dennis DeYoung and the Music of Styx" with a 50 Piece Orchestra, The Bobby Brown “Humping Around the World Tour, The Diana Ross World Tour, New Edition and many others. He’s worked most of the major venues of the world. (Europe, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Republic of China, Israel, United Arab Emirates, etc.)

He is an expert at integrating Orchestras with high volume rhythm sections live.


Our Services Include:


Studio Music Recording • Mixing and Mastering CDs • Live Concert Mixing • Live Television Audio and Post-Production Mixing


Music to My Ears
"With more than 30 years in the music industry, I have traveled the world recording albums, doing live shows, live TV and mastering CDs. I have the experience and knowledge to make your Music really happen."

Whether you are an experienced artist or a musician just breaking into the business,  

Come see what Class A gear powered by over 30 years of Music Engineering experience can mean to your Art.

Recording Studio - Visit our full-service audio mastering room, in Chicago, Illinois, for music recording, CD production, and mixing.
Recording Equipment - Visit our full-service audio mastering room, in Chicago, Illinois, for music recording, CD production, and mixing.
Demo - Visit our full-service audio mastering room, in Chicago, Illinois, for music recording, CD production, and mixing.

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